Tips for Building Scalable Tech Talent

Companies want the ability to scale up their technical talent on mass with minimal impact to the business then scale back. Otherwise known as Scalability.

The problem for most is how to approach the issue and where to start?

These days we have access to pretty much anything and everything at the touch of a button. The term on-demand now seems commonplace but it would appear that in the midst of our social age, fewer people are actually talking when it comes to recruitment.

Companies still operate on outdated recruiting practices when sourcing for projects, contract and permanent talent. They tend to rely on reactive job board postings and barren databases devoid of life. They still treat recruitment or talent acquisition as a transaction.

The smart recruiters collect and review data on customers and prospects as a way to predict the unpredictable. You see, if you can identify trends you can plan and strategise your ‘go to market’ approach.

Finding the right talent doesn’t start when you advertise a job or click ‘search’.

It starts with a series of interactions and conversations that lead to a mutual understanding of motivators and drivers.

Did you know?

Word of mouth is digital and scalable.

50% of professionals discover new job opportunities through word of mouth.

Hiring is intermittent, branding is constant.

53% of professionals start considering switching jobs at least 5 months before leaving.

58% of LinkedIn company page followers are interested in joining your company.

Strong talent brands report a 20% faster rate of hire.

So where to start?

First up, set realistic expectations. You’re building for the long term. It’s all about building trust with the market.

How do you do this?

Simple, ask questions! Take the time to understand the business requirements. If you don’t understand what you’re looking for, how do you plan to attract and hold your own when conversing with top talent in the market?

Now put yourself in your target’s position. If you were being approached by a potential employer/recruiter, what user experience would you expect?

Run through this hypothetical journey and eradicate any and all hurdles to a smooth onboarding process. Speed plays a HUGE part in securing the right people.

Now here comes the scary bit. Commenting on social media platforms without looking like a desperate try-hard.

Get rid of the ‘what if’ fear and jump straight in. I don’t mean posting a comment saying “great article, thanks for sharing”. I’m talking about actually reading an article and commenting. Better still, asking questions!

Once you’ve built your confidence, it’s time to amplify your brand. Get across social media and blogs. Communicate relevant content about your workplace, your culture, your job openings, and your mission. Write articles that serve a purpose. Trust me, word travels fast.

This will enable you to tap into the right networks, expand your reach, build engagement, boost interest and, above all, build trust.

Brands that people love outperform others because everyone they touch is passionate about them. They’ve taken the time to develop a relationship. You want to recommend it, like it and share it.

This interactivity is crucial in the digital age and supersedes the company website. The candidate journey stops here, with no tangible way to engage with your brand or receive ‘real-time information’ – we all need to start thinking about how the next generation is retrieving information. Too generic? Over 140 characters? They will stop reading. Period.

Remember people, keep it real. People know when you’re being authentic.

If you need help with your tech recruitment strategy and would like to see some of the data behind your company’s employee movements, give us a call. We’d love to share this information and continue to spread the word. 03 9044 5233

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